Ruby Kyanite Generator Point
$295.00 AUD

Ruby Kyanite Generator Point

1.095 Kilos - 13.5CM H x 6cm W

Ruby in Kyanite is an excellent stone for amplifying manifestation.

Ruby in Kyanite helps with dream recall and promotes dream-solving.

Ruby in Kyanite gathers and amplifies positive energy flow while aligning the chakras. Lucid dreaming is enhanced when Ruby in Kyanite is placed on the third eye area during sleep. Ruby in Kyanite balances the yin-yang energies. Ruby in Kyanite facilitates the removal of energy blockages and the movement of energies from the ethereal level through the physical body. When placed on the heart chakra, Ruby in Kyanite stimulates and balances the heart. When placed between the heart and throat chakra, Ruby in Kyanite provides a synthesis between the emotional and vocal.