Rhodonite & Smoky Quartz Pendant

925 sterling silver made by our Entia Collection Range

These gemstones were sourced in Australia, Brazil.

Obviously if you are here looking at this pendant you have fallen in love with the allure of Rhodonite and Smoky Quartz. And to be honest who can blame you for that? Rhodonite is one of the stones of love, compassion and it also aids in emotional wounds from the past or even past life that are rearing their heads in this life. It teaches and shows us how to reach our higher potential when we connect with Rhodonite. 

Smoky Quartz isn't far off being one of our personal favourite stones. It represents home, health and nature all in one beautiful package. Smoky quartz aids in your re-connection with nature and reminds you how it feels to be grounded in life, promoting security and stability. You cannot go wrong with Smoky Quartz in your life.




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