Jade Verdite
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Jade Verdite

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6.35CM - 385 grams 

Verdite will access and harmonize your past with your present so that it will not adversely affect your future.

This makes it an excellent stone for past-life exploration and retrieving information from the ancient ones.

It will let the ancient beings know that wearer of this stone is someone who’s stable and will only use the information for the highest good of everyone!

It will also help you become more in control of your own life, correcting both emotional and mental imbalances, and assisting the intentional direction of healing energies toward the problematic areas.

Verdite will help tame your unpleasant character traits, giving you an opportunity to polish those steely and abrasive aspects to your person.

This stone will stimulate your chakras, particularly the heart, solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras. It will also encourage you to go after your heart’s desires with joy and enthusiasm.

Verdite is known as a variety of Fuchsite, which is a variety of Muscovite.

The green hues of Verdite is because of the traces of chromium present in the stone.

It is oftentimes a light green to dark green mineral that’s like Serpentine, which dates back to millions of years.

Verdite was discovered in South Africa in the North Kaap River, right in the areas where gold could be found.

It has been used by natives of South Africa for centuries as amulets and as ornamental stones. It’s very popular in African artworks and usually carved into human or animal forms.

Verdite usually exhibits Corundum, Rutile, Diaspore, Tourmaline, and Quartz inclusions. It also has a vitreous, pearly, or silky luster and can be translucent to opaque.

It’s often cut into spheres, beads, and cabochons. It’s also tumbled and used for inlay.

Verdite is commonly found in South Africa but can also be found in areas in Zimbabwe.


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