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What began as a desperate bid to find a means of survival, turned into an incredible journey into a world that seemed improbable. A world where science and spirit meshed into one indestructible force.
The lives of two kindred souls worked feverishly together, leaving no stone unturned in a quest to make what at first looked impossible, become reality; transforming terminal into a fresh beginning and a whole new way of life.
What they discovered may well change the lives of many, and forever shape the way we all approach our own lives. For them, this is just the beginning of a much more challenging mission of revealing a greater truth to the world. The simple, yet empowering truth that we are so much more than we have ever been allowed to believe.
The secrets of the universe reveal that the future is not set in stone; we have both the means and the ability to shape our destiny.
Changing the world has to begin somewhere. Changing yours might just begin here.