Crystal Singing Bowl 8"
Crystal Singing Bowl 8"
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Crystal Singing Bowl 8"

Crystals are living energy. Crystal bowls are made of 99% quartz crystal. The Crystal bowl like a crystal, chooses you. 

Crystal Singing Bowls are perfect to tune and clear your crystals, for use in Sound Healing, to clear the energy of your home, in healing and for meditation

  • To use for clearing your crystals place a soft scarf in the bottom and sit the crystals in the Singing Bowl while you give them a Sound Bath. This clears the crystals’ energy and gives it a Blessing.
  • *PLEASE NOTE: Never place crystals in the Bowl without a soft scarf in the bowl. Crystal on crystal can cause the bowl to shatter with the intense vibration.
  • Crystal Singing Bowls are manufactured from 99.99% pure quartz crystal. The crushed quartz is heated to a very high temperature then they are tested to determine the musical note.
  • The notes are in turn associated with the Seven Chakras of the Body System.
  • Quartz produces pure tone. The cells of the human body have a natural geometrical relationship to the structure of clear quartz.
  • Being made of crystalline structures, including our DNA, blood, bones and the crystal-colloidal liquid of the brain, we align with the crystals’ inherent structure.
  • With crystal sound affecting the body and the brain, the resonance relays an order that allows
  • consciousness to travel into altered states of awareness.
  • Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls come in in frosted white, chakra colours and rainbow effects.
  • The sounding of Crystal Bowls can be used in healing and meditation practice.
  • Use your bowl in a quiet space.
  • Place the rubber ring provided with your bowl on a flat sturdy surface and set the bowl on it.
  • Smaller bowls are best used in your hand since they can be too light to sing on a flat surface.
  • Grasp the striker like a pencil by the wooden end.
  • Lightly tap the outside rim of the bowl and immediately begin to run the striker around the corner of the outside edge of the rim of the bowl.
  • Your striker should be at about a 30 degree angle to the outside of the bowl.
  • Special care should be taken to maintain a FIRM and CONSTANT pressure.
  • If you hear a grating or chattering sound, you are not applying enough pressure.
  • Practice makes perfect. If you have trouble producing a solid sound, take a deep breath and try again.
  • If you prefer to gong your bowl by striking it, make sure you do it lightly.
  • Your crystal bowl is a high quality fragile instrument but with proper handling it can remain beautiful and viable for a lifetime.
  • Always handle your bowl with the utmost care and take special precautions while transporting or storing it.
  • It is imperative that you use the correct striker and the rubber ring when playing.
  • Bowls can become dirty during normal use. Clean your bowl with  distilled water and mild dish washing soap.
  • A soft bristle brush or white cloth may be used. Rinse with clear water and dry with a blow dryer.
  • Singing Bowls are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease, there are no medical claims made with them. Always play a minimum of 10 inches from a person’s head. Do not play within 10 inches of another bowl as it can cause shattering or breakage. Crystal on crystal does not work. Enjoy your beautiful bowl.