Chryosocolla Pendant Double Terminated

By Mermaid Treasure Australia

$36.00 AUD
925 Sterling Silver

Chrysocolla was the original chill pill. This crystal has been helping people embrace their inner mellow since the time of Cleopatra. Named by the ancient Greek philosopher Theophrastus, Chrysocolla translates to “gold glue.” It was often used by ancient Egyptians in jewelry soldering to bond with gold, hence its name. Cleopatra was said to wear Chrysocolla everywhere because of its calming, feminine power.

To relax like a queen, embrace the energy of chrysocolla. Using this stone in a purifying, end-of-day bath will help you to wash away any worries or negativity that you encountered that day. Chryosocolla is all about empowering you to recognize your abilities, and become your best self. When you’re tense, it helps you relax. When you’re filled with self-doubt, it lends you confidence. When you’re content to just coast, it floods you with the motivation to pursue more.

If you’re overwhelmed by circumstances beyond your control, a Chrysocolla stone has your back. This crystal connects to your heart and throat chakras to promote a balanced mindset and thoughtful communication. It’s hard to express what you’re feeling when you’re stressed out. To keep from taking your anxiety out on those you love most, use a Chrysocolla stone to ease the rising urge to snap at people, and get back to being you. The Chrysocolla healing properties lure negativity out, and replaces it with the energy of love and growth. Infused with this helpful energy, you can remember to breathe through tension until you find a solution.

The creativity that a Chrysocolla stone stimulates will aid out-of-the-box thinking, and lead to better decisions at work, in relationships and in every area of your life. Through tapping into the energy of Chrysocolla in meditative self-reflection, you gain a sense of self-awareness that illuminates all of the aspects of your personality that are fertile for growth.

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