Chakra Angel
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Chakra Angel

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4.5-5cm Tall

Bring attention to the body's seven energy centers (charkas) and allow for balance to transpire; allow life's energy to flow and align with your spiritual energy body.

Crown Chakra : helps with values, faith, enlightenment, confusion, inspiration, and devotion.

Brow Chakra : helps with inspiration, intuition, wisdom, vision, memory, uncertainty, insight, and lack of clarity. 

Throat Chakra : helps with communication, self-expression, wit and humor, listening skills, and integrity.

Heart Chakra : helps with the ability to love and be loved, hope, empathy, acceptance, forgiveness, compassion, and ability to grieve.

Solar Plexus Chakra : helps with trust, willpower, prosperity, drive, ambition, gut feelings, and responsibility for decisions or actions.

Sacral Chakra : helps with flexibility, sex, ability to generate new ideas, and ability to nurture and be nurtured

Root Chakra : helps with security, stability, grounding, ability to stand up for yourself, good judgment, self-worth, depression, improve confidence, fears, and addiction. 

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