Celestite Pendant Heart

By Mermaid Treasure Australia

$36.00 AUD

Celestite, also known as celestine, is a delicate blue mineral containing strontium.

Its colour, the pale blue of the sky, is where its name comes from – the same root as the word “celestial.” Because of this, it has a strong historical association with heaven, angels, and divinity.

Celestite can also appear in white, yellow, and even red colours, but blue is by far the most spiritually meaningful of these colours, and certainly the one that you should try to pursue.

deposits exist in Libya, Egypt, Peru, Britain, and Poland.

It is frequently found inside geodes, sometimes alongside clear quartz or even amethyst.

Some mines have unique colorations to their celestite production, since other minerals are frequently found within the celestite stones, adding different varieties of colour to the blue or milky background.

While there are many benefits to using celestite, it simply cannot be ignored that the main purpose of this stone is contacting angelic and divine beings.

There is no other purpose that looms as largely over the lore of this stone as that.

If you are uncomfortable with this idea, then perhaps this is not the right time for celestite to enter your life. There’s nothing wrong with that!

However, there truly is no reason to be uncomfortable. Whatever your religious or spiritual affiliation, the angels and divine powers summoned by celestite can only benefit you.

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