Atlantisite Tumble
$9.00 AUD

Atlantisite Tumble

Price is for ONE Tumble stone 

Atlantisite occurs only at Stichtite Hill a small hilltop in Zeehan, Tasmania, where it is exclusively mined. This high grade gem material of Serpentine containing Stichtite also has Chromite & Magnetite The vibrant purple & green shades create a beautiful & highly sort after gemstone.

Metaphysical Properties

A powerful Ascension stone as it bring peace & tranquility vital for enlightenment. Activates the Kundalini serpent fire within stimulating psychic ability & showing one their infinite potential. Retrieves lost information from ancient Lemurian & Egyptian civilization. This knowledge is reintegrated, then creates a sense of wholeness & universal connectivity. The illusion of separation, good & bad, light & dark is removed to show the truth of creation in oneness. Here we become aware & learn the power of thought.

Meditating with Atlantisite results in the understanding of your limitless self & manifestation abilities. This stone clears trauma scars from the self & Earth transforming residual negative energy into new positive growth.

The healing strength of Atlantisite is unlimited it draws energy into the body from both Earth & star clearing all chakras & neutralising all attachments. Atlantisite holds the vibration of angelic love which strengthens & protects the bodies light pillar allowing rapid spiritual growth.

Crystal Healing

Beneficial for all ailments especially stress, pain relief, detoxification & mineral absorption.