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Rock Family: Atlantasite is a metamorphic rock that combines purple Stitchtite, a rare carbonate mineral with green Serpentine, a stone which is sometimes classified as as a phyllosilicate mineral and at other times as a metamorphic rock.

Formation: The only known location for Atlantasite is found on “Stichtite Hill” in Zeehan, Tasmania, an island off the coast of Australia. This hill has one of the largest deposits of Stichtite, but it also has some areas in which the Stichtite is intergrown with green Serpentine, a metamorphic rock. Serpentine is created in contact metamorphism, and can include a combination of up to 16 different hydrous silicate minerals. During the metamorphic process, purple Stichtite was added to the mineral mixture. The result is a lime green Serpentine stone with purple spots of Stichtite.

Mining: Atlantasite is mined on “Stichtite Hill,” which is a privately owned mine with open pits and trenches. The mine exists solely to extract Atlantasite and Stichtite.