Aragonite Sphere
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Aragonite Sphere

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approx 4.5-5cm

Aragonite is also known as tchazar crystal and tufa. This carbonate gemstone is usually colorless or white in color. However, there are Aragonite stones that have subdued shades of blue, green, brown, orange, yellow, and red.

Why Would You Use Aragonite?

Aragonite is a good stone to have if you wish to form a deeper connection to the Earth.

Because Aragonite is connected to the Earth Goddess, this stone’s energies will encourage you to recycle and conserve. This is how you can contribute to the preservation of the planet. By choosing to go eco-friendly, you are also conserving earth’s resources and natural beauty.

Aragonite can also be used to clear blockages in your heart, mind, and spirit. It will give you an unclouded view of reality.

If you have been experiencing a tough time lately, whether in your personal or professional life, Aragonite energies can help you focus on the important things. It will keep you moored even when the waters are choppy.

Aragonite will be a very helpful and supportive stone for those who are focused on spiritual pursuits, and for those who need to release personal issues of the past and let go of attachments in the present.

It will give insight and mental clarity so that you will be able to get to the root of the problem.It will teach you to be more tolerant and understanding. It will give you a boost of self-confidence and self-esteem.

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