Apatite Block Tumbled Stones

Tumbled stones are a great go - to Crystal formation. These make it easy for you to carry in any situation.


Apatite sounds a lot like appetite. That said, Apatite is a stone that can increase your appetite for life! It has many inspirational qualities that promotes satisfaction and motivation, giving one a renewed zest for living. By warding off negativity about oneself and others, it clears feelings of confusing and frustration, which then clears space for creativity and intellect.

It is also a great stone to assist in keeping the fine balance with adulting and dreaming. It is common to fall too hard on either end, but Apatite will help you find your footing on this tightrope.

Apatite is also helpful for hyperactive and autistic children for it encouraging openness and ease in social settings.

A humanitarian attitude is also promoted with the energy of this stone, which serves as a wonderful reminder of our connection with each other as part of the universe.




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