Angelite Palm Stone

Angelite, as the name suggests, is a stone that assists in connecting with your angels and spirit guides, as well as your higher self. It is an excellent stone to aid with psychic channelling, and helps remind us that we are never alone. Along with this connection, it enhances psychic healing and telepathic communication.

For spiritual explorers, this stone also enables astral travelling and spirit journeys.

The soft blue hues help evoke a sense of calmness and peace. The colour, representative of the Throat Chakra, also assists with communication and self-expression, thus speaking one’s truth.

Angelite possesses a soothing quality as it is filled with compassion. Just as connecting with our angels and guides allows us to transmute pain, this stone also holds that ability. As it helps us heal, it opens us up for spiritual inspiration, raising our ability to connect with our own awareness, leading us to the path of universal knowledge and connection.

Price is for one palm stone, chosen intuitively by one of our experienced staff members.



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