Amazonite Sphere

By Mermaid Treasure Australia

$105.00 AUD

525 Grams 7cm

If you’re constantly being inundated with news, stress at work, anxiety over finances, and other issues, it won’t be long before you feel the effects of that in your body and spirit. To keep this wave of negativity from crashing over you, shield yourself with the protective positivity of amazonite. Amazonite energy benefits the spirit by filtering out all of the toxic energy sent your way. Through lending emotional balance, amazonite energy helps you to cope with situations and information in a more healthy way. Instead allowing information to weigh you down like an anchor, amazonite energy acts like a life raft, keeping you from sinking into negativity. Instead, amazonite energy encourages you to consider positive perspectives, and let go of the things you cannot change. By enhancing your cognitive abilities, amazonite increases your ability to approach and solve challenges with confidence.

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