A Grade Shattuckite Tumbles

By Mermaid Treasure Australia

$16.00 AUD

*Price is per tumble, we will pick intuitively for you. You will receive one from this photo.

Shattuckite is a strong psychic communication stone.

It will also facilitate a stronger connection with your personal guides and teachers, and your loved ones who have passed over.

It will assist with the development of psychic visions, intuition, mediumship, channeling, psychic knowing and automatic writing, all from a position of absolute truth.

This stone allows you to communicate better with the spirit world, as it heightens the vibration of your connection.
The name of this stone is derived from where it was first found, in the Shattuck mine in Arizona.

It has since been found in a number of locations including other places in the USA, Britain, Greece, Austria, Germany, Norway, the Congo, Namibia and South Africa. 
This stone helps you to align yourself with the Divine mind, and lovingly allow all of your communications to reflect the wisdom of Spirit.

It aids you to heal relationships, as you take responsibility for your past actions, and it strengthens your ability to lovingly speak with truth and integrity. It aids you to verbalize what you have heard from spirit, and it promotes the ability to speak the truth.

This may take some work at managing, as it is not always comfortable for those you are speaking with, to hear the truth, but Shattuckite is utilized by spirit for the highest and best good of those concerned.
The vibration of this stone within the heart chakra aids you to live your life from the heart, speaking the truth from your heart.

This concept is about actually living your life from a heart based perspective. Sometimes how you live means more than what you say to others.

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