Charoite & Larimar Pendant
$72.00 AUD

Charoite & Larimar Pendant

925 sterling silver made by our MTA Collection Range

Charoite, another gorgeous purple stone. This beauty will help you to strengthen your body and mind, its high vibration encourages you to put yourself first. As your energy shifts using Charoite you will feel a deep soul connection, Charoite will take you on a spiritual journey.

Larimar is what we would like to refer to as our Mermaid stone. Other than the fact it looks like the most amazing ocean you could lay your eyes on, Larimar is a healing stone. Not just on an emotional level but spiritually and mentally too. It is said to stimulate the heart, throat, crown and third eye chakras. Larimar is literally the stone of peace, clarity and radiates all of the love energy you could imagine. We believe this one goes to the Mermaids, surely they were lured in with this beautiful stone amongst the vast seas.



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