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Crystal Vibes

Crystals are our passion, and being able to bring the beauty of mother earth to you is our sole purpose. 
We choose each crystal by intuition and have spent extensive time with each crystal cleansing and surrounding them with love and positive vibes. When you purchase a crystal in-store or online you can be assured that our team is here to look after you and all of your needs. 

What the Sage?

You don't have to wait until a full moon to cleanse your crystals.

We recommend - cleansing - every time you want to set a new intention in your stones. As well as at each full moon.

One way you can cleanse is by using Sage.

Good tip; this method is best used outdoors, with a (smudge bowl) or other fire safe bowl you may have. A sage stick or loose sage and of course matches or a lighter tool.

Sage itself is a sacred plant which carries healing properties. When you use Sage on your crystals a you are restoring its natural energy field. Almost as if you were "resetting" your crystals so that you can then set your new intentions.

Light your sage, and then move the smoke over your stones, generally we would advise doing this for at least 30 seconds. Some stones hold onto more, such as if you were using stones to dispel negativity, we would suggest you cleanse those for a further 30 seconds.

Best thing about sage? You can use it on any gemstone!

- Carly

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